We are for a clean future

We give more energy to sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility

ELE.MAC. also in this circumstance it is one of the first companies to bring solutions related to the support of sustainable mobility, which allow the growth of a service aimed at improving the quality of reception both in the tourism-hotel sector, in hotels, in restaurants, and in a private sphere such as company parking lots and offices, both in public or semi-public areas, which concern city parking lots and shopping centers and restaurants, with an easy-to-use product.

An expanding sector

We are in the boom of electric vehicles. In the next twelve years this sector will be growing and for this reason we want to put you in the position to be among the first to offer your users (customers, employees, citizens, ...) the possibility to recharge your electric vehicle with simplicity, in conditions of easy access and total security.


Benefits and advantages


Considering that the investment in infrastructure (column and electrical system) is minimal, the most important benefits are:

  • Staff loyalty: a collaborator with the electric car will be grateful to his company for this service.
  • Service for customers and visitors: even customers and visitors will appreciate this service positively, thus attracting new customers.
  • Corporate image: the entrepreneur who understands the importance of this service, conveys the image of a company at the forefront and attentive to the environment.

Sensitivity and advantages for the environment

The Public Administrations, are the first as well as direct interested in the insertion of electric vehicles in its fleet, to have a very important role in the promotion of the use of electric vehicles in the citizenship, with a significantly lower environmental impact.

CO2 emissions will be drastically reduced from today to 2050; just think that they will be reduced by about 255 thousand tons, which correspond to 10% of the total emissions estimated every year.

We give more energy to sustainable mobility.

E.Stand and E.Wall

New stand-alone recharge devices that can be installed on the wall or on the ground. Charging stations and universal Wall-boxes, for electric vehicles ideal for offering a free access charging service in all public or private places, such as company parking lots, offices, hotels, tourist accommodation facilities, shopping centers, restaurants.
Each column is equipped with two sockets that allow the simultaneous recharging of two electric vehicles.
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Technical features


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